Our Style 2 bands and ball caps are specifically designed with our Button Blocks in mind.

What is a BLOCK?

A Block is the plastic piece that connects your processor to your band.

What is the difference between a Thick Block and a Thin Block?

The Thick Block is more designed to work with our ball caps. The thickness of the block offers a tighter connection between the cap and the head.

The thin block is better fitted with our Style 2 softbands.

Do I have to cut my original band to use the Style 2 option?

NO! This style of band works ONLY with our patent Button Block.

Is there velcro on the Style 2 bands?

No. The band is one continuous piece AND is fully adjustable *Please see below.

Is the Button Block secure in the rubber ring?

Yes. We designed all parts of our band to work together snugly and safely.

Will the baha 4 & baha5 work with the BAHA Headbands Button Block?

Yes. The Cochlear baha4 & baha5 block works.

What is the Style 1 option?


How to use and adjust a Style 2 softband.

**We are here to help. If your having trouble with your band you can always contact us for more help. Contact info is listed at the bottom of the page.

In this picture you can see how the Button Block goes into the Style 2 band. It is just a quick pop. The button Block makes this style very easy to do.

  Cochlear Button BlockOur new Ponto Block Ponto Button Block

Here is a Style 2 bilateral and unilateral band. You can see how the block(s) fit into the bands here.


Ball Caps

Have you ever tried to protect your babies head from the sun by puting a hat on them while they have on their BAHA? I know I have. Here are a couple of pictures of my little one a couple of years ago. 


20130425_102209.jpg 20130425_131657.jpg