Q & A

WHAT IS A Style1.jpg BAND?????

Style 1 - Our bands can be specifically designed to work with your original Cochlear or Oticon block.

This means, you first HAVE TO cut your original band to get the plastic block off. Then you will be able to use that block with our uniquely designed Style 1 bands. 

What is a BLOCK?

A Block is the plastic piece that connects your processor to your band. 

Do I have to cut my original band to use the Style 1 option?

Yes! We do not offer original blocks like Oticon Ponto or Cochlear baha. 

Is there velcro on the Style 1 bands?

Yes. There is a small piece of velcro on the inside of the band to allow the band to hold together. *Please see below.

What is the Style 2 option?


How to use and adjust a Style 1 softband.

**We are here to help. If your having trouble with your band you can always contact us for more help. Contact info is listed at the bottom of the page.

A Video of how to do this is available at: 

How to put together a style 1 softband

Adjusting Style 1 Softbands:

A Video of how to do this is available at: How to put together a style 1 softband.