STYLE 1 - Ball Caps

Have you ever tried to protect your babies head from the sun by puting a hat on them while they have on their BAHA? I know I have. Here are a couple of pictures of my little one a couple of years ago. 


I'm sure you are as tired of trying to adjust a sideways hat to work around that darn softband as I was.

We make hats and softbands 2 ways:

Style 1:

We have specificallly designed this style to work with Oticon processors. It works with YOUR ORIGIONAL Cochlear or Oticon block. A small amount of velcro is required for this style. 

Style 2:

This style is designed to work with our unique, pattented block. This style of band is for Cochlear processors ONLY.

Examples of Style 1 Hats 

- Any of these hats can be designed uniterally or bilaterally -