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Accessories specific to BAHAs:

  • Softbands
  • Ball Caps
  • Knit Hats
  • Button Blocks

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  • Ball Caps and Other Hats

    **Click the links for more info about Style 1 or Style 2 hats

    **For more info about how the Button Block works CLICK HERE

    **Button blocks ARE NOT included with the hats. They are a seperate item.

  • Softbands

    All softbands are made fully adjustable. The have been hand designed to fit new born to normal adult heads. 

    The softbands are made two ways:

    Style 1:

    We have specificallly designed this style to work with Oticon processors. It works with YOUR ORIGIONAL Cochlear or Oticon block. A small amount of velcro is required for this style. 

    Style 2:

    This style is designed to work with our unique, pattented block. This style of band is for Cochlear processors ONLY.

    **For more info about the styles of bands and how the Button Block works CLICK HERE

    **Please allow 2 weeks for bands to be made. Most packages are sent sooner but there are times that 2 weeks are nessessary for designing time.

    **Button blocks ARE NOT included with the softbands. They are a seperate purchase.

  • Button Block
    Blocks are commonly a 1 time purchase because of their durable design, hard plastic, and long lasting quality.
    They are also made from a NON-LATEX matereal. 

    Our patented Button Blocks are designed to work with Ponto from Oticon OR Cochlear. Its portable design makes it great for switching into and out of softbands and hats quickly and effectively.

    For More info on how the Button Block works click here.

  • Other Accessories
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Showing 1 - 12 of 128 items